Great Adventure

Accountable? ME? You can help.

A friend of mine recently recalled a memory of receiving “laughing gas” at the dentist when she was a little girl. She said she remembers wondering how the dentist and his assistant could possibly work on her teeth.

“How can they reach me when I’m way up here at the ceiling?”

If you’ve ever had laughing gas, you can relate.

Today, I was listening to praise music as I exercised. In the middle of a song the thoughts rattling around in my head unexpectedly collided into one glorifying, freeing concept that literally brought me to a halt as I considered it.

“How can Satan reach me when I’m way up here like an eagle?”

Eagle 2 (2)

Nothing formed against me will stand.

Satan is the prince of the world and he is seeking to destroy me. He’s seeking to destroy you, too. But, God invites us to wait on Him, renew our strength, and soar like an eagle, high above the world and its troubles. Closer to Him. Not so close to the enemy.

Eagle 2 (1)

Life is good when I’m soaring. But, I have a problem with staying there. I get lazy. I get complacent. As crazy as it sounds, I all-too-readily give up living in victory because taking the easy yoke God places on me seems…hard.

That’s where you come in.

I need accountability.

See, God has asked me to write a blog. It’s not easy to write on a regular basis, particularly since graduate school has tied up so much of my time lately. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been taking two classes at a time in order to earn my Master of Science in Criminal Justice. I started classes right about the time that I wrote my last blog in April. Now, I’m down to less than 10 weeks left before I finish the last of my course work in January, plus I’m only taking one class at a time.

Despite my time being freed up somewhat, I still have my little friends Lazy and Complacent begging for attention. They make me want to be more like my cat, who happens to be snoozing in my lap as I type. Did you know that cats usually sleep 15-16 hours a day? I think she needs to wake up now.

Trouble Wake

That’s better. She just needed a little motivation.


I need motivation, too. So can you help motivate me?

It may be dangerous, but I made a deal with God. I told Him that if he brought me a certain number of new subscribers, then I would commit to blogging every Wednesday and Saturday unless He prevents me from doing so. I’m confident that I can get this number of subscribers . . . so much so that I’ve already come up with topics for every blog until the end of February.

If you’re willing to subscribe and help be the wind beneath my wings so that I can soar, there’s a place to submit an email address on the right hand side of the page. Even if you don’t get around to reading every post, or even if you relegate me to your spam filter, I won’t know. I’ll be encouraged to keep on keepin’ on.

Now, if I get this number of subscribers and start to blog twice a week, not every post will be about law enforcement. I mean, most of the time it’s just not that exciting. Plus, it’s not practical to write about specific calls and cases due to privacy issues. I do have a number of things on my topic list that are related to criminal justice, but my life is more than that.

I’m thinking posts will be roughly divided into four basic categories:

My God. God is important to me. I won’t lie about that or try to sugar coat it. This category of posts will share things that God is teaching me or that I want to share with others.

My Life. These posts are going to include some of the crazy antics I get into, along with details about my family and random musings from my mixed-up, ordinary life.

My Journey. These posts are for those who have asked to hear my “whole story.” There won’t be many of them, but I plan to go w-a-a-a-a-y back to when I was little. As in, “once upon a time” days.

My Great Adventure. This is where the law enforcement comes in. It’ll also include updates about my future steps toward fighting human trafficking. That’s the great adventure I never thought I’d be doing.

So who’s with me? Did you read this far?

Thank you in advance for your step towards encouraging me by subscribing to the blog. I hope to encourage you along the way as well. Feel free to leave comments about topics you might want to have me cover in the coming months. You can do that by clicking the little word bubble at the right side of the post, or by commenting below, depending on where you are in the blog. If there’s a problem with the subscription page or comments section, please let me know by some other viable means so I can fix it.

I look forward to many happy blogging deadlines. Let’s do this thing.

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