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In Memory

Tonight I was going to post chapter two of the story, but it seems more appropriate to pay tribute to my friend who went to meet Jesus face to face today. Brenda Hughes was a gracious lady who had a great sense of humor and a ready smile. She made us laugh. She will be missed. I haven’t always known her well, and I think I missed out on a gem of a friend by not knowing her better.

My favorite story involving Brenda was from 2009. I went on a girls’ get-away cruise with Brenda and five other friends.


As we were going through security to get on board the ship, about half of us went on through without any problems. We realized there was a problem behind us, but we were forced on through the line and had to wait at the end to find out what happened.

It turned out that somehow a steak knife from the set in Brenda’s kitchen had ended up in her knitting bag.

She had no idea how it got there.

But security took it.

It was supposedly a dangerous weapon that was not allowed on the ship.

The delay was caused by them searching her bag, incredulous that there could possibly be something as random as a steak knife in a bag full of yarn and knitting needles. She had told them she had no weapons, which made it worse. They finally seemed to concede that she really was clueless about the knife’s presence.

So…we finally all get on board the ship, sans Brenda’s knife, and decide to get some dinner.

Brenda ordered steak.

They brought her a steak knife.


For some reason, our server couldn’t figure out why we found that to be so funny.

We laughed until we cried.

Brenda had that effect on us.

So, tonight my heart is sad. My prayers are lifting for her family and dearest of friends. I know they can hardly imagine life without her. God sees them and He will comfort them. I’m very thankful that Brenda knew Jesus and had accepted Him as Savior. Her family can look forward to a joyful reunion in heaven one day.

For now, I’ll just look forward to seeing Brenda again one day in God’s kingdom. I can imagine her there skipping down the streets of gold, laughing and making others laugh, too.

Heaven became a little bit brighter today.

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15 (NIV84)

Rest in peace, Brenda.

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