Points to Ponder

My Brother

I have one brother. No sisters. David might strangle me, but this post is all about him.

Why? It’s his birthday.birthday

For the record, and I know you’re wondering . . .                                                             David is almost exactly 4 years older than me.

So yeah. If you haven’t done the math already, I just turned 47.

Since it’s getting late in the Eastern time zone and his birthday is already over where he lives, I’ll go ahead and just leave you with some pictures. Where I come from in the Central time zone, he still has roughly a half hour, but whatever.

Here he is as a little thing.

Davy older horse

And here’s a few family pictures. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.)

photo10photo2 photo8

I know, we were rockin’ some of those hairstyles!

But the main thing about my brother?

He has an amazing talent for art. He did these for me a few years ago, all by computer.


Breathtaking, aren’t they? Can you imagine drawing this sort of thing with a computer mouse? I can’t. This was when he first started doing computer animations, too. He’s gotten even better at it over the years, but these are still my favorites.

Happy birthday, bro! I hope it’s been a great one. It was good to see you on your birthday for once. Let’s try that again next year.

Love ya!