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New Beginnings

So here we are in 2015.

I suppose this is where I say Happy New Year.


How did this happen? I was just getting used to 2014.

You too?

But, alas! Time keeps on marching along. This morning I didn’t simply turn the page on the good ol’ calendar. I cracked open a whole new calendar!


Oh, what a feeling!

All those blank squares, waiting to be filled. Appointments, dinner dates, tests, work schedules…all sorts of things…the good and the bad. This year, there will be two graduations and a wedding taking up spaces. There’s already a funeral listed.

The ebb and flow of life.

What will you do with your new year? Did you make any resolutions?

I did.

Or as a friend and I decided to call them, GOALS.

Want to see my goals? I don’t mind sharing.


I even made myself a sticker chart so that I can track my progress. Stickers are fun, and should keep me going strong.

I hope.

I’ve already met a few of my goals for this week, including the fun project. I actually painted a picture today, and if you know me well, you know I’m not much of an artist. Still, I decided to take that whole “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” thing seriously.


This one above – painted today – goes with the one below that I did last year.


I’m quite pleased with the results.

One of my goals – as you can see on the above list – involves blogging on a regular basis. Thanks to those of you who keep nagging me to post. You know who you are. You’re why I’m here. Now. Kicked back on the couch after midnight on the first day of the year, typing on my laptop keyboard while the cat is sitting on my feet.

Today marks the start of a new year. (Okay; maybe technically it should be marked – but I am still awake so it still counts as the 1st, right?) Either way, it’s a new beginning.

I plan to make the most of it.

Do you?

Feel free to ask me every now and then how I’m doing; and I’ll ask you, too.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. I’ve known you a very long time and can honestly say, YOU CAN DO IT! You are a very strong person and knowing your relationship with the Lord, you’ve got this! Way to go! I’m very proud of you for all you’ve accomplished and look forward to watching you grow even more! Love you!